Stefan Hyttfors has been awarded the Swedish speaker of the year two times.

Om Fremtidens muligheter og utfordringer – Stefan Hyttfors

He is an acclaimed futurist, author and global speaker focused on disruptive technologies, behavioral change and next generation leadership. Stefan has a background as journalist and economist.

History teaches us that value shifts are triggered by new stories about how people want to live. Digitalization and networking technologies makes inequality as well as unsustainable consumption of resources more visible and therefor less acceptable.

This is the foundation for a new economic system that will allow us to create more value with less resources to stay within the planetary means, and to meet the basic needs of every human.

We are in the beginning of the beginning of a new era. The corporations, leaders and brands we will talk about in ten years time have not even started yet and the true definition of ROI in the 21st century is ‘Risk of Ignorance’.

Future trends, digitalization, change management, innovation, technology, behavioral changes. Every lecture is tailor made to the client.