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Om About the talk – Jon Ensor

Jon Ensor is one of Norway’s most popular entertainers

Jon Ensor is one of Norway’s most popular corporate entertainers, and a magician with international standing. He also started up the company Live_Magic, which develops new artists/acts, and is a specialist in delivering magic/magicians to the events market.

Jon Ensor has performed at some of the most exclusive private events in the world. He entertained at the King and Queen of Norway’s 80th birthday celebration, and HM Queen Elisabeth and the British Royal Family have used him at private celebrations of some of the most historic occasions in recent years.

Jon is passionate about communication and perception, and and his talk is based on what he has learned about these subjects during his years as a top entertainer, and during his journey there.

“Jon’s talk was fun and interesting, and he had adjusted it to underline our way of sales perfectly. Great inspiration for our team!” Fjordkraft, Sales team event, 2017

About the talk

This is a presentation with demonstrations, audience participation, engaging anecdotes and a powerful story. The talk is packed with comedy, deception, and those moments where the audience suddenly understand – and realise that they also are only human – that their sense of reality is surprisingly malleable!

• Can your choice of words really change somebody’s reality?
• How accurate is my understanding of my world – and can I take control of my own reality?
• How can I connect better with the people around me?
• How can I deal with my nerves before a meeting or presentation?
• How can I control my body language so that I communicate my message at a sub-conscious level?

Jon’s insights into the mind of a magician (and the minds of his audience), and his journey to becoming a confident and successful performer touch on all of these questions – and more. Be inspired to take control of your communication.

Thought-provoking, inspiring, and practical themes, in both entertaining and engaging packaging, this is a talk that invokes a wide range of emotions, and makes its points in a powerful way. 45min presentation.

“Thanks for a fantastic session. I will never look at my job in the same way again!“ Course participant, NAV, 2016

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